Casa Fresh is located just meters from beach in the city of Huanchaco. Huanchaco is a beautiful beach town on the northern coast of Peru famous for its surfing and the local fishermen’s “caballitos” that, despite its modernity, still retains its old charm. It is a place to relax after visiting Trujillo’s colonial centre & archaeological sites. Huanchaco is known for its mellow beach vibe and is the home of countless restaurants offering everything from cheap hot meals to high class fare.

Huanchaco  is situated 12 km northwest of the city of Trujillo in a bay, on a terrace at the foot of Campana mountain. In 2012 Huanchaco was approved as a World Surfing Reserve by the organization Save The Waves Coalitionin. Punta Huanchaco is one of only six dedicated World Surfing Reserves in the World, and the first in Latin America.

Huanchaco is also known as the premier hub for surfers visiting Central Peru. Huanchaco offers a proximity to world class breaks such as Chicama, while providing unmatched consistency of surf as well as an unparalleled social atmosphere.


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